3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gallery for an Art Exhibition

Displaying your artwork in a gallery is immensely exciting. It is a huge accomplishment as well. After all, when your best pieces reach a larger segment of the population, you get a wide range of creative opportunities and catch the eyes of potential buyers. Organizing exhibitions allow you to grow and nurture your network. You meet like-minded individuals who agree with your thought process and are genuinely interested in your work.

Though the benefits of organizing an art exhibition are lucrative, preparing for one can be hectic. To conduct a successful exhibition, you must choose the perfect gallery. Three factors that may help you arrive at a decision are as follows.

Location of the Gallery Matters Most

The most apparent reason for organizing any exhibition is to promote an artist and improve the visibility of his/her artwork. Therefore, choose a gallery in a prime location. Doing so will attract a lot of walk-by traffic and increase sales. 

The Presence and Contribution of the Gallery Also Matter

When evaluating the quality of a gallery, please think from a buyer’s perspective instead of an organizer’s. Start by visiting the websites of different galleries and check the quality of their featured images and information. Are they up-to-date and helpful? 

Don’t forget to sign up for the gallery’s newsletter if they have any. Since newsletters are an effective marketing tool, consider collaborating with a gallery that rolls out one. It will allow you to communicate indirectly with prospective buyers and help you get more visitors for your show. 

Kindly note that sending newsletters is not the only criterion to consider. You must also check the text and image quality of the newsletter. Besides, you keep an eye on how often they send newsletters to their subscribers. Do they send reminders of the exhibition or feature an artist’s work in their newsletter? 

You must also monitor how guests are treated in the gallery. Are they greeted constantly by skilled and polite staff? Are the staff passionate about art and have a clear idea of each work exhibited in the hall? Remember, when you choose a gallery to represent yourself, you want them to convey the message your work carries.

Always opt for a gallery equipped with professional staff eager to add more value to your event and capable of communicating with your guests on your behalf.   

Check The Contacts of the Gallery

The contacts of the gallery can also make an exhibition successful. A gallery with quality and extensive contact list can generate a lot of selling and creative opportunities for you. 

Therefore, we recommend working with a gallery that has years of experience. The reason behind it is straightforward – the more time any entity spends in the market, the more quality contacts it builds. In case you decide to work with a newly opened gallery, at least make sure its management belongs to the same field as yours, and has organized successful exhibitions in the past.

These are 3 of the most critical factors you must consider when looking for a gallery space for rent in NYC. However, judging different galleries on these parameters can take a lot of time and effort. Organizing an exhibition is a challenging endeavor. If you spend all your precious hours choosing a gallery, you may not be able to pay attention to other necessary chores such as setting a unifying theme, pricing the art pieces, creating promotional materials, etc. To save your time and effort, we suggest you get in touch with SLIC Studios. 

We offer top-notch gallery space for rent in NYC, including storage facilities, a full kitchen for catering, equipment rentals, a printing lab, postproduction tools, etc. We are located in the heart of trendy LIC, minutes away from Manhattan. So, you can expect lots of visitors for your exhibition if you consider organizing it in our gallery. We have good connections with curators, art buyers, and artists across the city and beyond. We also exercise marketing strategies like email newsletter publication, SEO, SMO, etc., to drive immense traffic in exhibitions held in our halls. 

Contact us now to learn more about our gallery space and rent. Let us help you get the platform you deserve. 

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