The Undeniable Reasons to Rent Conference Rooms and Organize Off-Site Meetings

Recent studies suggest that executives spend around 23 hours weekly in meetings, conferences, and other similar corporate activities. As per the historical data, this number used to stay around 10 hours mark back in the 60s. However, the time-intensive nature of meetings makes such events a daunting affair for participants. Thankfully changing the meeting venue can do wonders in energizing and inspiring employees. It helps them develop new ideas and become a more cohesive team. There are plenty of benefits of renting meeting rooms to arrange off-premises conferences, seminars, conventions, and other similar business events. Below we will talk about a few of them.

Boost Productivity and Do Serious BusinessShutting out distractions may appear harder for employees when they indulge in a meeting conducted in regular office spaces. Hearing telephonic discussions from the next room, frequent thoughts of paperwork piled on the desk, and glimpses of traffic on the street below the window may affect the attention span. Renting a large meeting room away from the office will allow the employees to relax, paving the way for a creative headspace. They will become more attentive and productive for the same.

Previous case studies have found that meetings suddenly seem more important and exciting when held off-site. Chances of its cancellation also get slighter when you rent an outside space for it. You can search for meeting rooms for rent near me and choose the space you like. It will help bring the best out of your employees during the meeting and prevent the other party from canceling it. After all, you have put a lot of effort into finding the best location and also spent an additional amount on renting it. Your clients will respect it and take the meeting more seriously.   

An Affordable Solution to Increase the Bottom Line

Increasing the bottom line is a major concern for owners. Renting meeting rooms can help them achieve this goal as businesses can save money by leveraging rentable meeting space. We don’t recommend building a dedicated room in-house if your business only has occasional meetings. In that case, renting a conference room is the best way to go as most rental terms are affordable and you only have to pay for the time you need it. 

On the other hand, you will need more space if you want to add a meeting room to your office. Since commercial areas are costly in New York, your real estate cost will skyrocket. The operational cost of meeting rooms will also increase your revenue expenditure. You can save your capital by renting a conference room for meetings. The amount you will save here can be utilized in branding, marketing, and other vital aspects of your business. The outcome will impact the bottom line for sure. 

Rentable Meeting Spaces Are Well Equipped 

From projection gear to whiteboards and speedy Wi-Fi to conference phones, rentable meeting rooms are equipped with all sorts of equipment required to conduct a meeting successfully. You may already have sufficient tech in your office. Still, innovative devices and new-age capabilities like smart boards, plasma monitors, projectors, etc., can help you be more creative in your presentations. As a result, keeping your clients and employees engaged will become a cakewalk for you.  

We hope that you understand why renting a meeting space is beneficial. In pursuit of your ideal destination, you can perform a Google search using terms like meeting rooms for rent near me or reach out to us for the same. 

SLIC Studios provides creative office spaces equipped with several amenities like free Wi-Fi and coffee, communal spaces, dedicated desks, access to landscaped rooftops and terraces, and more. Our pricing is affordable, and contract terms are straightforward. Get in touch with us to learn more about our offerings and your options. Rent our meeting rooms to get creative! We will take care of everything so that you and your team can focus on the business that matters most. 

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