Reasons To Use A Rental Photography Studio

House, Peter  4 Reasons To Consider Using A Rental Photography Studio FStoppers May 29, 2016

Shooting in a photography studio can seem a bit daunting. A lot of photographers choose to shoot outdoors due to budget constraints and the fear of stepping into a studio. There are, however, some real benefits to shooting in a studio and they apply to both new and experienced photographers.

Fully Controlled Environment

The biggest benefit of shooting in a rental studio as opposed to the outdoors is the control you have over every aspect of the production. Outdoors you have to worry about temperature, wind, rain, and every other environmental variable that could be tossed your way. Even the light can be unpredictable. It can change from hard to soft with the movement of clouds, and on longer sets, you can even run out of usable daylight.

Access To Props And Equipment

Most studios contain a wide variety of props for you to use. You have all sorts of furniture such as stools, chairs, and even vintage pieces. There might be lamps, and fabrics, and desks for you to use. Some studios even have costumes, masks, and clothing. All these choices add up to an endless amount of possibilities that can create all sorts of images and styles.

Creature Comforts

I don’t mean to be facetious, but renting a studio for your production comes with some pretty great creature comforts. There is usually a kitchen where you can make coffee and reheat some food. Studios are usually located close to restaurants where food and drink are readily available. Most places are climate controlled too so you can dial in the exact temperature you want.

Experienced Help

Renting a studio space can be just as much a learning experience as it is a space to create. Studio owners have a wealth of knowledge. They have seen just about everything. Photographers from all genres and experience levels bring with them bits and pieces of knowledge that the studio owner absorbs and learns over time through observing and having conversations. They pick up on various lighting techniques, tips and tricks of the trade, and even savvy business advice. Going to a studio can be your chance to strike up a conversation with the owner or the staff and pick their brains for some of this information.


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