Actress Callie Hernandez for Soma Magazine – SLIC Production

Extravagant costumes. Effulgent lighting. Deft steps choreographed before a rapt audience. And of course all of this while being continuously followed by a voracious shiny black beast trying to capture her. Those sentences do a good job of summing up rising actress Callie Hernandez’s recent forays onto the big screen; La La Land and Alien : Covenant. They could also be mistaken for a movie genre mashup of horror and dance too high concept for Hollywood’s plebeian tastes at this time. But they also just happen to sum up Mrs. Hernandez’s time spent here in SLIC Studios during her shoot for SOMA magazine.

SLIC Studios is used to hosting exciting productions and it happened that our own Slic Studios Productions considerable talents were tabbed for this particular shoot. Our own Christian Conti was behind the camera looking for the right angle of attack, Italian photographers being all the more inviting than your average xenomorph. Mindy Saad draped Mrs. Hernandez in a number of tasty outfits while Alberto Guzman was responsible for all quaffed hair and Roberto Morelli added his expert make up skills. This won’t be the last time you see our production team in action.

You can read more about Callie Hernandez’s background beginnings in this months SOMA. We’ve got you covered with the visuals here, with an extended gallery of pics and a beautifully shot BTS video. Lots of lights, camera, and action as always.

Soma cover story with Photographer Christian Conti.
Stylist: Mindy Saad,
Makeup: Roberto Morelli
Hairstylist:Alberto Guzman
BTS Video: Christian Isturiz

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