The Battle Between 50mm & 35mm

This may sound like a crazy title, but in all honesty, it isn’t. The easy answer is, “Whatever is best for you.” But that’s not deep enough of an answer for whether you need a 35mm or a 50mm lens. Whatever is right in front of you and in the periphery is 35mm. So let’s think about that. If you’re a person who focuses on the whole picture and scene, then you’re more of a 35mm person.

  • Portraiture: They both do well. But do you want more compression and more bokeh? Or are you trying to shoot an environmental portrait and tell a story with the mis-en-scene? The former is 50mm, the latter is 35mm.
  • Street Photography: Zone focusing? Then shouldn’t you try to get as much in focus as you can? 35mm wins out here.
  • Documentary: Both can work, but often storytelling requires a 35mm
  • Walkabout: Unless you’re in a packed city, then 50mm is more than good enough.
  • Food: 50mm, you need to focus on exactly what’s in front of you.


Images By Liselotte Fleur

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