Wait! Check These Top 4 Things Before You Rent any Private Office Space in NYC

So, you are looking for private office space? Great! You may already have checked on the internet to get information on top rental space providers. However, you could not make any decision or simply are not impressed with the location of the rental space.

We’ve got you! This blog will help you find the perfect rental space for a private office setting. Not only will we help you find a top location in NYC that will surely work for you but also a rental space that comes with a plethora of amenities. Ready? Before that, you need to understand how you can find a suitable rental space in NYC for a private office

For that, we have compiled the top 4 things that you need to keep in your consideration before you head over to search for your new office rental space.


Location- this is the first thing that everyone puts on the first list of their priority. Sometimes, it happens that the rental space is fine, although it is the odd location that makes it a big no for those looking for the space. There are two questions you need to ask before you say a big yes to the rental space:

  • Can your clients/office workers reach out to the location conveniently?
  • How long does it take to reach the location by train or another mode of transportation?

If you are looking for a rental space in Manhattan then you need to opt for a location where you can reach Manhattan via subway. Or, choose a location that is minutes away from Manhattan.  Also, make sure to check what’s close to the office. 


Everyone wants to rent an office space, not for the sake of renting it. Rather, they look for other amenities too. Renting new office space and setting up the whole thing takes time and effort. That’s why most office owners look for creative rental spaces that come with dedicated office desks, landscaped rooftops, a terrace, a lobby, a kitchen, free coffee, wifi, and more!


The average cost to rent an office space in Manhattan can be $81/ Sf. This simply indicates that this is one of the most expensive cities to rent your business space. However, nobody can deny the importance of the location since this is one of the hubs to do varied types of businesses. Everything looks expensive here including office furniture or the setting up necessary technology, etc. Apart from that, the majority of property owners look for tenants who would maintain general liability and personal property insurance coverage as a condition of leasing. Although property insurance will be paid by the landlord, this will be implemented into your monthly cost. 

Instead, you can look for shared office space rental providers who offer clients an affordable alternative to rent space and run their private office at a fixed monthly rental cost. These rental providers can also help you save on office furnishing, office setup, wi-fi, and other amenities. 


As per general rule, it is suggested that you should have 70 square feet of floor per employee. However, this may vary from one business to another. If you think your business requires more storage space, you can opt for a bigger rental space. If you need a meeting room for clients, you also need to check whether you will have a separate space for that. Many rental spaces also offer a space to organize corporate meetings or off-site meetings. So, take a look at all of these and make the right decision.

Final Words

SLIC Studios provides creative rental space for a wide range of users and budgets. You will find various amenities such as landscape rooftops, a lobby,  a terrace, a full kitchen, wifi facility, and many more! And, about the location? Well, our rental space is a few minutes away from Manhattan, 1 block away from the midtown tunnel and the 7 and G train. Check out our perfect location here.

We offer affordable monthly basis packages or contracts for 1 month up to two years. Click here and take a look at our packages. 

Send you queries at info@slicstudios.com!

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