Your Handy Guide to Discover Suitable Photography Rental Studios in NYC

Hello, photographer! So, you want to improve your fashion, product, or portrait game, but you don’t have enough room in your house! Perhaps you are on the verge of experiencing a constant flow of clients. Or, perhaps, you want to know what you could accomplish with specialized tools and a designated area. Any of these circumstances, as well as others, can be resolved by renting photography studio space.

However, photography rental studios come in various designs, sizes, and locations. Choosing the right rental studio is the real challenge. You may come to regret both your choice and your investment if you choose a rental studio just because you urgently need one. So hold on! Look at the advice provided below to help you make a wise decision.

Know what you will get

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need once you know what you’re getting. It’s crucial to understand how much natural light, power, and other resources your photo studio rental has. But what about the tools, personnel, and other resources?

If your photography studio rental hasn’t specifically stated that additional camera, sound, lighting, or production equipment is available on-site, don’t rely on it. No two photography studio rentals are alike, so you don’t want to presume and end up unprepared on shoot day when your given time passes.

These all seem like simple things, but if you make an assumption that turns out to be incorrect, they will all catch you off guard. Before you arrive with clients, you should be aware of the situation if the area receives a lot of natural light but lacks adequate curtains to block the windows. 

However, in our photo rental studios, you can also rent equipment such as acute right light, grid sets, head extension cable, ring flash, one-head or two-head kits, and more!


Just having a bigger space isn’t always better when it comes to photography, especially when it comes to paying for it. It’s critical to strike the ideal balance between price and size. Consider the size of the studio, the amount of storage it has, and whether you can work comfortably there. 

If you are looking for a moderate space, check out this 900SF photography studio that has one 15ft by 18ft cyclorama wall. 

In case, we are working on a big project and you want a larger space, you can alternatively choose this 1,800SF rental studio with 2 Cyclorama walls

And, there’s more! If you want to have one single wall space to do your unique photography with models or any product, this 460sf studio will be the right pick for you


It’s crucial that you choose a location that works for both you and your potential customers. Do you and your clients have access to off-street or adjacent parking at the studio? Accessibility is something else to think about, especially if you photograph things. How simple is it to bring things into the studio? Note down these things.

Renting a location for a photo shoot is very different from working with a production firm or renting a photography studio to employ their in-house production capabilities. Make sure your studio can meet your demands, whatever they may be.

We have our studios located in convenient locations in NYC. You can simply reach our rental studios from Manhattan via subway by taking 7 to Hunters Point. There are also other easier options to reach our studies. Here’s the location for your help!

Natural Lighting

Daylight studios are locations for photography, filmmaking, and production that have a powerful natural light source that may illuminate entire sets or areas. Clearly, one of the most important determining factors for the personality and mood of any photograph or movie is light. But aside from that, using natural light can also be very economical.

However, not everyone prefers natural light, and many editorial clients prefer to use their own equipment to create more stylized controlled lighting setups. That calls for a studio that is “blackout competent,” or has the flexibility to completely block all sources of natural light. 

Take a look at these rental studios that offer great natural light with blackout capabilities-

How to rent?

SLIC Studios offers 4 customizable photo rental studios with cyclorama walls, ample windows for natural lighting with blackout capabilities as well as access to the rooftop and other amenities. We have a knowledgeable team that will assist you with all your studio or location-related requirements. Whether you need necessary lighting, grip, dolly, or other expandable rentals, we have you covered!

Click here to have a virtual tour of our rental studios! You can fill out this Reservation Request form. 

We offer various competitive membership packages for Basic, Premium, Premium+, hourly, and value packs. Sign up and take advantage of our rental spaces to the fullest!

Send us an email at for any queries!

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